COJIANT is a full-service, certified Minority Business Enterprise/ Small Business Enterprise (SBE)/ Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MBE/SBE/DBE), consulting firm specializing in defining/designing/implementing new strategies, products, services, processes, business models and applications that transform your business. Our team is organized to deliver creative, functional designs that build long-term flexibility and efficiency. Our staff of professionals will help identify your needs then work tirelessly to meet them. We believe in the difference between getting it done and making it happen: Where one is about sitting back and reacting; the other is about achieving a vision.

COJIANT believes in helping you achieve your vision. 

Our collaborative approach, extensive expertise, and deep content knowledge make us the perfect partner to move your company forward.

Business solutions consulting and personalized technology consulting are another aspect of COJIANT’s diverse range of services. We build mission critical systems and help our clients maximize their investment in different technologies. We provide a full range of services to create reliable, extensive, high-quality, custom applications for your specific business needs. | (530) 324-2349

8775 Centre Park Drive, Suite 511, Columbia, MD 21045